Now Design press release October 2005

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Make your Web site work for you with NOW Design

Banbury, Oxfordshire - UK. (October 20th 2005) - North Oxon Web Design


COMPANIES, suppliers, services and other commercial enterprises in the Banbury area are invited to accept a FREE website evaluation.


Web-doctor Tjobbe Andrews is offering all companies which have their own site a free examination and report on whether the potential of that invaluable piece of web space is being tapped.


There are many ways in which the customer or client might reach a website – frequently through a search engine. The clever company finds ways to have its business placed at the top of the chart.


How is it done? Is the site attractive? Does it need updating? Does it give the company message clearly and quickly? Does it lure the surfer inside - and is the message persuasive?


Web design is a crucial part in any 21st century business’s marketing process. Once on-line the product must be offered attractively and in sharp focus.


Now Design is offering this initial consultation free of charge for a limited period only. It encompasses examination of the website design, its impact, how it can be improved and whether marketing opportunities can be enhanced.


The expert evaluation will consider whether on-line shopping is secure and advertising as effective as possible. And the report that follows will advise the client how best the number of hits to the site can be increased.


All you need to do is provide Now Design with the website address and a contact number. There is no obligation. If you do not have a website, contact the company for a free quotation.


Now Design has been developing websites for five years to local and national businesses.


To take advantage of a free Web site evaluation or to request a quote, visit today.