The site is also tested for compatibility on a variety of computers such as PC's and Apple Macs, using different Web browsers such as FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer.


This ensures that no matter what computer or browser your potential client are using, the chances are pretty good they will be able to use your site to its best potential.

The Web Design Process - Site Launch!

An exciting time for all involved, but one that can not be rushed by any means.


Before the site is released to the public, extensive testing takes place in variety of ways. Firstly, Web professionals are asked to examine the site for any potential problems or errors, so that they can be ironed out before the site goes live.


Then the site is tested by as many people as possible, employees, family, friends, anyone who can and wants to help out!


Once both parties are completely satisfied the site is ready, the site is launched and submitted to some of the top search engines, queue the champagne!


The Process;

Initial Contact

Planning, First Steps

Coding & Designing

Site Launch